Playboy Plus Popular Picks

We’re bringing you recent popular pictorials in this week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video. Take another look at features from Madeline Amour, Renee Olstead, Layla Balan, Roxy Shaw, and Erin O’Hara. First up, get reacquainted with Erin on location in New York City in her June 2022 pictori al from Tina Louise. “My passion? I’m very interested in how humans perceive each other visually. I love portrait photography—there is so much in the face,” shares Erin.

“Even so, you can’t know a person from an image. The mystery of the unknown is so alluring to me.” For Erin, doing what she loves brings her pride. “I’m so honored to be part of the Playboy family,” she says. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with female photographers both times I got to shoot for Playboy— how cool is that? Women powered!” Next, check out celebrity feature, Renee. “I’m a student planning to start a doctoral program in human sexuality next year, vintage car enthusiast, and former child actress,” says Renee of herself. “My passions? Greater accessibility for mental health, human connection, and leaving the planet a little better off than how I found it!” Playboy has been a part of Renee’s career for years. “I’ve been a fan of Playboy for ages! I performed at the Playboy Jazz Fest, I’ve been a guest on Playboy Radio, shot a cover for Playboy Sweden, and now this.” See more from each model right here on Playboy Plus!

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