Chloe Rose In Sleeping In Playboy Plus (10)

Chloe Rose in Sleeping In – Playboy Plus

16 September 2020

International model, Chloe Rose is absolutely dreamy in her second set with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Just waking up from a deep sleep, Chloe looks gorgeous in her silky pink lingerie. Relaxing and taking in the sunlight, Chloe’s in no hurry — so much that she stops to do a little undressing for all her fans. “I want to be a Playboy model because firstly, it is an honor and secondly because the photos published are erotic and tastefully taken,” she says. “I feel very comfortable being nude. Since childhood it‘s something that comes to me very naturally,” she adds. As natural as can be, Chloe shows you all the delicate curves of her body. From her tight torso to her plump lips and all natural breasts, it’s tough not to fall for her with just one glance. When it comes to men, Chloe knows what she wants. “He should be intelligent, have a good sense of humor and be passionate about what he wants,” she shares. “If the chemistry between me and a man harmonizes and he takes time to get to know me, only then would I consider sexual interest.” If you do get so lucky, she has a few pointers. “Find the g-spot,” she laughs. “Please me in a way that I feel appreciated.” Let Chloe Rose know just how much you appreciate her in the comment section below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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