Playboy Plus Chevelle

Playboy Plus – Chevelle – Main Squeeze

“My personality is both salty and sweet depending on how you treat me,” smiles Chevelle. Back for her second feature from the photographer, Tina Louise, Chevelle poses on the set of a vibrant orange-painted apartment. “I reciprocate the same energy you give me.” Dressed in mesh and leather, Chevelle tells us how much she loves her line of work. “I’m most proud of myself for becoming an independent woman. I like to make money and be creative,” she says. “I’m passionate about modeling and everything that goes into being a girl boss…

I take myself and my dreams very seriously, and I don’t stop until I accomplish [them].” When it comes to dating, Chevelle looks for someone thoughtful and intelligent who knows themself. “A couple of qualities I look for in a person are loyalty, sensitivity, and compassion,” she says. “I’m drawn to smart, confident men who don’t come off cocky or disrespectful. Being talented, motivated, and inspiring really make me notice you over any physical aspect.” Check out Chevelle’s debut feature to learn more about her right here on Playboy Plus.

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