Playboy Plus Strike A Chord

Playboy Plus – Alexis Carene, Carolina White, Divina, Maitland Ward & Olivia Preston – Strike A Chord

This week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video will strike a chord. Look back on pictorials from Alexis Carene, Divina, Maitland Ward, Carolina White, and Olivia Preston as they pose alongside grand pianos. First, get to know more about Alexis in her September 2020 feature from the photographer, Sophia Sinclair. “My passions are travel and art,” says Alexis. “Those things make my skin stand on end and my heart flutter.

They ignite something in my body, that’s for sure.” As a model, content director, student, and mother, Alexis believes inspiration is everywhere. “The art of the muse is being able to mold oneself,” she says, “I have always found that to be the most fascinating part of my job as a model.” Next, spend the afternoon with the recent fan-favorite model, Carolina, in her April 2022 pictorial shot by the photographer, Agent X. “I enjoy the simple things in life,” says Carolina. “I would consider myself pretty down to earth. [I] prioritize my mental health and happiness.” In her downtime, Carolina loves a good read. “This is an embarrassing confession, but I am obsessed with erotic fan-fiction,” laughs Carolina. “I can read a book and become completely immersed in the characters and fantasy. My imagination runs wild; it’s my equivalent to porn.” Stick around for more Editor’s Choice features like this, coming soon to Playboy Plus!

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