Pascals Sub Sluts Scorpio

Pascals Sub Sluts – Scorpio – Teased, spanked, roughed

No, Pascal did not get work done, nor did he recently drink from a mythical fountain of youth. We’re gonna give you long-time PSS fans a bit of a nostalgia boner here with Scorpio. Filmed way back in 2016, this session was lost in the shuffle ages ago; but, lucky for you, we recently re-discovered it during some routine house cleaning. This is pure salad-days PSS, complete with the yellow walls, the trademark carpet, and our old friend and founding producer Andy…

Beneath Scorpio’s sweet mum-next-door exterior is a raging slut of substance. Her body count alone astonishes Pascal and Andy… so do peruse the interview. Her exploits unfold on and on, impressive in their scope. From the early self-discovery of her nymphomania, through to her debauching of entire platoon of squaddies, Scorpio even notches an arrest in the Queen’s wood for stealing a bit of wood for herself. It is chicken soup for the libido to know that women of Scorpio’s adventurous character are out there.

Maybe grab a pen and paper for notes, because you are about to witness a clinic on satisfying a nymphomaniac, PSS-style!

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