Only3x Lost Bella Modele

Our favourite Italian girl, Bella Modele, just arrived recently in our sunny neighborhood. She is actively asking for directions since she is lost. Luckily she found the right guy to give directions…

Regio Bravo just doing his thing on the shores – this time he is into his photoguy gig. To offer shelter to Bella, he invites her to his photostudio. Obviously one thing led to another and this hottie with her scandalously sexy clothes finds herself naked and sucking his dick.

They clicked with each other relatively quickly. Not too long of warm up needed he finds himself deep into this fucktoys pussy. Deep pumps of that penis into her pussy is what he really needed and frankly – I don’t blame him. That girl is really hot and seemingly ready for everything. Might as well use those qualities…

After various poses and other secual activities – he loads his steaming hot jizz into her mouth and all over her face. Literally cum dripping everywhere. What a great start of the vacation for her, being all satisfied and such!

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