Lustery Oliver & April Naked Goods

Lustery – Oliver & April – Naked Goods

3 June 2021

In their first VLOG for Lustery, British cuties Oliver and April invite us to experience a day in their life together—starting with Oliver throwing the duvet off a still-sleeping, unsuspecting and very naked April. It’s the first glimpse of their playful and mischievous dynamic, which comes to the fore in their hilarious banter as they discuss their relationship—everything from the first time they had sex to the silliest thing they’ve ever argued about—or when April cheekily flashes Oliver in the supermarket parking lot (not to mention wickedly tormenting him with an almost blowjob in their parked car). With baking a cake on their agenda today, they take us through all the steps, from picking up the ingredients to preparing the batter to a mouth-wateringly hot fuck that ends in moan-inducing anal to taking their fresh baked goods out of the oven. Bet you can guess which step in that recipe the teasing twosome paid the most attention to…

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