Nyla In Embracing Nature Playboy Plus (18)

Nyla in Embracing Nature – Playboy Plus

11 July 2021

Nyla returns to Playboy Plus for her second feature in this serene gallery & video from the photographer, Madeline Northway. Outdoors on location in Phoenix, Arizona, Nyla embraces her surroundings as we learn more about her. “I’m a spiritual, nature-loving person,” says Nyla of herself. Indee d a nurturing individual, the ones closest to Nyla, are the most important in her life. “My passion is to care for my family, pets, and plants,” she shares. For this east coast native, being in touch with nature is essential. “I’m originally from Maryland,” she says. “What I love most about my hometown is the forests and greenery. I miss waking up to soft dewy grass and foggy skies.” Being in tune with her most authentic self is Nyla’s definition of living empowered. “Female empowerment to me looks like independence, self-love, and awareness,” she says. “I feel most empowered when I follow the path I choose to go [down] for me, and no one else!” Posing nude is a way of communicating what words cannot. “I love posing nude,” says Nyla. “The expression of the human body is so versatile and telling. I could choose a hundred different nude poses, and they’ll all have different energies.” Make sure to check out Nyla’s first pictorial, too, right here on Playboy Plus.

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