Xconfessions By Erika Lust, NÄkki Spellbound

XConfessions by Erika Lust, NÄKKI – Spellbound

31 August 2020

Director Luna Kuu

Performers Luna Kuu, Lynx Ymir

Mythical creatures exist in Finland’s vast forests

In nordic mythology there is this mysterious water creature called “Näkki” that lures people into the water. In the folklore Näkki has many different forms. Amongst many, a beautiful young woman. After hearing the story of this enchanting female spirit it has been haunting me ever since. I want to be taken by her beauty. She’s dangerous, probably even deadly, but there is no resistance to her power. In my fantasy I take her hand, and with her I sink into the abyss
— By MythologyQueen
Erika’s comment: “Luna Kuu returns to XConfessions as a director and performer! Her second movie is a mystical showcase of Finnish nature and spirituality, combined with a sensual shibari bondage scene and an ancient fertility ritual. I love Luna’s take on female sexuality through Finnish mythology. I think tapping into our own heritage and cultural background is a beautiful way of reconnecting with ourselves.

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