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Naked News, Wednesday March 11, 2020

12 March 2020

Hello, my dears, and welcome to Naked News! I’m your host for the day, Madison Banes, and I’m very happy to start today’s festivities with my friend Eila Adams in the Naked Newsroom. Especially since she’s starting things off with an epic heist. Take it away, Eila!

Now isn’t the best time to go to an airport… unless you’re an armed robber in Chile! A group of at least seven men robbed a Brinks security van at Santiago airport and made off with about FIFTEEN MILLION dollars! Police have said it looks like the gang had inside information, and Chilean papers are referring to it as the “heist of the century.” Can’t wait for the movie!

“An international network of zombie bots” sounds like something from a horror film… so I’m extra-grateful to Microsoft for taking one down! Especially since the Necurs botnet and its malware is reportedly responsible for infecting OVER NINE MILLION devices worldwide! And while I don’t know if I’d want to see THIS movie, the takedown saw Microsoft and partners from thirty-five countries spend EIGHT YEARS tracking and planning! Now THAT’s patience!

So that’s one victory in the war on malware… but there’s a new scam that everyone should be aware of. It’s a twist on classic “sextortion”, one that pretends the victim didn’t pay up. Basically, people get a message offering them nude photos of a friend’s girlfriend… and if they click on the attachment, it leads them down a path that leads to infection. Of their computers, at any rate. So now there’s ANOTHER reason not to download STOLEN nude pics of your FRIEND’S GIRLFRIEND! I’m Eila Adams. Back in a flash!

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