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Naked News, Tuesday May 26, 2020

Welcome to Naked News, I’m Eila Adams. It probably goes without saying that we here at the show LOVE Ruby Rose. I mean, she’s a hottie actress who gave us primo nudity in Orange is the New Black. She’s also very open about her sexuality. So when she suddenly QUIT her starring role in the CW network’s “Batwoman” recently, it took everyone by surprise. Frankie’s got more on WHY and who might replace her NEXT, Inside The Box.

At a time when most on-screen talent are desperate for work, Ruby Rose has shocked the world by leaving her most high-profile gig to date. After just one season as the titular character on Batwoman, Rose is hanging up her cape… and it’s got everyone wondering why!

After all, it was a very big deal when she landed the gig back in the summer of 2018. Batwoman is a famously gay character, and so the casting of a lesbian actress was not just essential, it was historic. So what happened?

Now, officially, Rose quit the show. But according to the rumor mill, the production was happy to see her go, and maybe even made the call! This was the actress’ first time as a series lead… and apparently, she did NOT adjust well to the long hours or life in Vancouver, where the show is shot.

As one insider put it, “She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No.”

And so, according to a statement from the studio, network, and production company, the search is on for a new lead, ALSO from the LGBTQ community. And because the second season has been delayed until January, they’ve got some time… but everyone is dream-casting already!

While many interesting names have been suggested, including Kristen Stewart, our top pick would be Stephanie Beatriz! On Brooklyn 99, she’s proven that she can make us laugh AND kick ass. And her tweet about the situation, “*reads everything about Batwoman”, makes us think she’s up for the job!

How great would it be to see her fighting Marina’s Harley Quinn?! You’re welcome for THAT mental image! For Naked News, I’m Frankie Kennedy.

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