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Naked News, Tuesday January 28, 2020

29 January 2020

Welcome everyone, this new decade is going to see all sorts of groundbreaking projects as far as space travel is concerned. Space hotels, and moon tours are on the horizon, as well as projects that are dedicated to bringing the cosmic environment to Earth for us to explore, HERE! That’s where the First Mars-Inspired Village on Earth comes in. Here’s Frankie to explain.

As regular viewers of this show know – and regular viewers of ANY news show know – this planet is doomed! Basically, humanity’s only hope is that we live long enough to set up camp on Mars. That’s where EBIOS comes in.

It stands for Experimental Bioregenerative Station and is the brainchild of Interstellar Lab. They’re a unique organization that combines architecture, engineering and science. Groundbreaking for EBIOS is set to take place next year in the Mojave Desert, and when it’s completed, it’ll give us a real picture of what a Mars colony might look like.

EBIOS will be comprised of five biodomes, covering roughly seven hundred and fifty thousand square feet, that could support around a hundred people. The whole thing will be self-sufficient, and regenerative, with greenhouses providing potential occupants with both a food supply and oxygen! The facility will also have a central water system, employing a new Constructed Wetland technology!

And if we’ve piqued your interest, good news. This isn’t just a place for scientists and astronaut training; it’s also a way for the general public to learn about a new way of living. In fact, the plan is to have EBIOS be a research facility for half the year… and a tourist destination for the other half. Which is both a good way to fund the project… and a good representation of life on Earth! Here’s hoping they’re nudity-friendly, ’cause I smell a Travels segment!

And in five to seven years, which is when they’re looking to ship the first greenhouses to Mars, I smell an INTERPLANETARY Travels! For Naked News, I’m Frankie Kennedy.

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