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Naked News, Thursday January 30, 2020

Hello, my darlings, I’m Laura Desiree, and welcome to Naked News! SO much to get to today, so we’re going to jump straight into things with the lovely and vivacious Eila Adams! How they bouncin’ babe?

Real and spectacular, as always! Okay, Laura, so a few months ago, we reported on a former “mainstream” actress who’d just made the move into the adult biz…

Right! Maitland Ward, from Boy Meets World! Actually, I saw her at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, but didn’t get a chance to talk to her.

That’s no surprise, because she’s basically the rock star of porn right now! And it’s QUITE a story! Let’s get to it. Maitland Ward was the redheaded hottie on Boy Meets World from 1998 to 2000, ushering millions of young men into adulthood. She was also in the Wayans Brothers’ comedy “White Chicks”. Aside from a few other guest spots on TV, she seemed to disappear. That is, until she started getting in tune with her sexuality!

She took up cosplay, started going to comic conventions, and began posting her sexy costumes to social media. Her management told her she was risking her career, but her FANS told her she was HOT, and Maitland chose her fans! Soon, she was offering more explicit nude pics through OnlyFans and Patreon, quickly becoming Patreon’s top adult content creator. THEN, in 2019 the porn biz came calling! And apparently, the sound those calls made was “cha-CHING!”

Her very first movie, Drive, just won her TWO AVN Awards, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Boy-Girl-Girl three-way scene, plus a TRIO of XBIZ Awards. And just as important, she says porn makes her MORE money than her old mainstream career did!

Now, it’s true – not EVERYONE in the adult industry is thrilled about her crossover. There have been rumblings that she’s got an unfair advantage at the awards shows, because many are decided by fan votes. But she’s putting in the work, and you can’t deny that at 43, she’s still totally smoking. Plus, all’s fair in love and porn, right?

And for her delighted fans, we’re happy to report she’s got plenty more porn projects in the works! She says she’s a grown woman who loves sex, and getting people stirred up… and intends to keep on doing just that. To which WE say: Well done! Forget Boy Meets World. Girl Meets Porn is WAY more entertaining! I’m Eila Adams and that’s a wrap on Entertainment!

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