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Hello, everyone, I’m Isabella

And I’m Marianne, not only is it a new YEAR, it’s a new DECADE here at Naked News!

Can you believe it’s 2020! Well, we’re excited to be back and ready to make 2020 the most naked year yet!

Depending on your political leanings, you probably think Donald Trump had a great break or a terrible one!

But golf and impeachment aside, he recently signed a bill that should make a lot of people happy.

Alana has the details in a Naked News Bulletin.

Happy New Year everyone! Illegal robocalls aren’t going away entirely, but a new bill could make them a lot rarer… and a lot more expensive for the perpetrators! Under the newly signed TRACED Act, illegal robocallers will now face fines of up to ten thousand dollars, PER CALL! On top of that, carriers will soon have to let people know when calls are coming from “spoofed” numbers!

Now for a more controversial government decision: the FDA is moving towards banning the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes. That said, according to the Wall Street Journal article announcing the plan, this ban would apply to cartridge-based e-cigarettes but NOT tank vaping systems. Makes sense, since those haven’t been nearly as popular with teens. More details are expected soon, so for now, smoke ’em if you got ’em!

Regardless of what happens, social media is now a lot less vape-friendly! Facebook and Instagram recently put the kibosh on influencers creating “branded content” for vaping, tobacco products, and weapons! Naturally, ads for those products were already banned on the platforms, but companies could get around those bans by promoting posts by private users. Well, loophole closed… but it DOES give me a great idea for my FanZone! Don’t go away.

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