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Welcome everyone, to Naked News, I’m Laura Desiree. I trust you all had a prank-free April Fools’ Day, because no one’s in the mood for that foolishness right now! That said, it’s important we stay positive, and that’s why I’m POSITIVELY ready to see what Eila has for us in the Naked Newsroom today.

Laura, we obviously have to steer clear of false hope… but I think I might have some POTENTIAL hope!

Hey, at this point, we’ll take what we can get.

Glad you feel that way, because a well-known scientist thinks he MAY, and I stress may, potentially found a coronavirus cure. Here are the details. Dr. Jacob Glanville of the biotech company Distributed Bio is someone you may know from the Netflix documentary series Pandemic. And you could soon be seeing a lot more of him. That’s because he and his lab claim to have made a major coronavirus breakthrough. Here’s what he had to say about it in a Radio New Zealand interview.

Very exciting! Basically, these antibodies could be used as a short-term vaccine that would kick in immediately. They’re reportedly now being tested by the U.S. Army, and if all goes according to plan, after human trials, this treatment could be available for compassionate use as early as September.

It was pretty inevitable… but sadly, this year’s Wimbledon has been cancelled. As was noted in the official announcement, this is the only instance of the iconic tennis tournament being “interrupted” outside of the World Wars. With the tightly packed tennis schedule, a postponement was unworkable, so there really was no choice. The 134th Wimbledon Championships are now set to begin June 28th, 2021.

It’s no surprise people are streaming a lot of TV right now… but the numbers are still staggering. According to the Nielsen ratings agency, the time spent on streaming content for the week of March 16th was up FIFTY PERCENT relative to the same week last year. Streaming also accounted for twenty-three percent of all TV viewing that week, as opposed to just fourteen percent the year before. And if you’re wondering what the most streamed content was Laura, the Netflix movie Spenser Confidential, starring Mark Wahlberg!

I’ll have to put that one on my very long list of things to watch.

Thanks Eila. So besides Netflix, video chatting is what’s keeping people sane during these times where we’re not supposed to get together in person. Shannon’s up next with a look at one app in particular that can give your stay at home appearance a little boost.

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