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Naked News, Monday June 8, 2020

9 June 2020

Welcome to Naked News, everyone, I’m Frankie Kennedy! I think it’s safe to say for most people, it’s been an emotional time of late. But what exactly are people feeling?! Laura’s getting things started in the Naked Newsroom today with a look at a new poll that reveals where Americans stand on current events. And trust me: as polls go, this one was extreme!

Frankie, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll says that fully EIGHTY percent of registered voters in the US feel, quote, “things in the country are out of control”. This, as unemployment levels are sky high, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and protests are happening across the country. Voters are also glum about the state of the economy, with forty-six percent describing it as “poor”. And more than half believe it’ll be the next year or longer before the coronavirus is contained enough that things can return to normal.

And amid the nation wide protests, Americans’ trust in law enforcement is also plummeting. In a recent survey, just fifty-eight percent of people said they felt “listened to” by police, and among people eighteen to thirty-four, that number dropped to less than a QUARTER. Unsurprisingly, over a third of Black people polled said they felt law enforcement didn’t treat them with respect, compared to just thirteen percent of white respondents.

And over the weekend there were a number of protests across Europe, all inspired by the U.S. movement against racism and police violence. Tens of thousands of people protested in cities including Madrid, Brussels, Berlin and London, with a massive crowd gathering outside the U.K. parliament and the U.S. embassy. Frankie, it’s clear that people everywhere are DEMANDING long-overdue change, and I sure as hell hope political leaders AND law enforcement are listening.

At this point, Laura, it would be virtually impossible for them to ignore what’s going on. Thanks for the updates. Lots of us have been scouring social media for ways to have a little more fun while we’ve got all this time at home. Marina Valmont’s up next with the scoop on how one magazine helped make our feed a whole lot sexier! Here she is to tell you why it’s Trending Now!

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