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Naked News, Monday June 1, 2020

Hello, everyone, I’m Shannon Blake. It’s now June which means most of us have spent TWO full calendar months socially distancing, and it’s certainly been hard on all those who’ve been taking it seriously. But if you were making a list of people for whom it’s been the hardest, ‘New York doctors’ have to be at the top. And if you want to celebrate these heroes then Laura’s got a new show that might be right up your alley. It’s called Lenox Hill, here she is with the details.

As you all know, I’m a citizen of the world… but I’m a queen of New York! Which is why when I heard Netflix was working on a documentary series called Lenox Hill, I thought “That’s awesome. I love the Upper East Side!” But it turns out this series is actually about Lenox Hill HOSPITAL, which is even better.

Lenox Hill follows four doctors through their day-to-day challenges: two brain surgeons, an ER doctor, and the chief resident OB/GYN. And there are for sure challenges, but there are also victories, and not just within the hospital walls. It’s no Gray’s Anatomy but we DO get a touch of their personal lives. Mostly though, we’re gifted with an intimate glimpse into what their experience as doctors is really like.

This series was filmed between April of 2018 and last November, so COVID-19 wasn’t on our radar in any serious way yet. But seeing what frontline healthcare workers go through in NORMAL times will make you appreciate what they’re doing now, that much more. All eight episodes of Lenox Hill begin streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, June 10th. For Naked News, I’m Laura Desiree.

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