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Welcome to Naked News, AT THE BEACH! I’m Eila Adams!

And I’m Whitney St. John, it’s nice to be back with you all again.

We really missed you, and so did our audience. Now the “where’s Whitney” emails can all stop.

It’s nice to be missed. So what’s been going on?

Well, Laura’s in New York, Shannon’s in Jamaica for the summer, I’ve been going to cottages almost every weekend, it’s all good! And what have you been up to? Let’s get the show on the road here Whitney, are you a big fan of Britney Spears? Some of Spears’ fans believe she was forced into the arrangement and claim she’s been pleading for help on social media.

Isabella’s next and she’s going to break down the “free Britney movement” right now in Naked, Goes POP!

Britney Spears once sang “I’m not a girl. Not yet a woman.” But at 38, she’s very much a woman being treated like a girl!

Britney hasn’t had much control over her financial or career decisions since 2008. That’s when, due to a mental health crisis, she was placed into a conservatorship. It essentially left her father and attorney in charge of her, with her finances regularly reviewed by a court.

In recent years, her father and lawyer have both stepped down as conservators – though her father expects to be reinstated – and her mother wants to join the team. Perhaps more importantly, the #FreeBritney movement is gaining momentum.

That hashtag has over a hundred thousand posts on Instagram and over a hundred MILLION views on TikTok! And at a July court hearing, her supporters showed up in force!

In many ways, the case for Britney is strong. Conservatorship is really for people who are incapacitated. That’s hard to argue in her case, given she’s released four studio albums and did a Vegas residency!

Plus, there’s a feminist argument. Does it make sense that SHE needs to be taken care of, while Kanye apparently does not?!

And of course, there’s also a conspiracy theory attached. When Britney recently posted a Pride message to TikTok, fans put in her comments that she should “wear yellow” and “do a spin” if she needed help. And then THIS was her next post!

It should be noted Britney’s posts get thousands of comments, so the odds are slim she reads all of them. She also steers clear of directly addressing the FreeBritney movement… but you never know…

For that July hearing I mentioned earlier, Britney was supposed to appear virtually via Zoom, but there were “technical difficulties”, and it was rescheduled for August 19th. While it may just be another in a long series of check-ins, an adoring public with not much better to do right now will certainly be watching! For Naked News, I’m Isabella Rossini.

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