Modern Day Sins Victoria Voxxx

Victoria Voxxx is prepping some ingredients for dinner when her husband, Seth Gamble, comes into the kitchen to chat. It is revealed that because Victoria previously cheated on him, they have agreed that, starting today, he can have ‘free use’ sex with her- anytime he wants, no matter WHAT she is doing. Victoria is still sorry for having cheated, but accepts that this is indeed the agreement that they had made, and vows to respect it…

Sometime later, Victoria is doing the dishes when Seth returns and begins to fondle her from behind. He then lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties, revealing her bare ass. He eats her out/rims her from behind as she continues to try and finish doing the dishes. Victoria loves it and lifts her leg on the counter to give Seth a better view, letting him finger her as he continues to eat her out. Victoria spins around to kiss Seth, trying to unbuckle his pants- but he stops her. This isn’t about what SHE wants, it’s about what HE wants. With that, he leaves her in the kitchen, saying he’ll be back when he feels like it.

A few moments later, Victoria is finishing to cook when Seth returns once more. She accidentally drops some food on the floor and Seth instructs her to pick it up. When she does, he whips out his hard cock and lets her suck on it. Victoria then lies on her back on the counter so that her head is dangling off the edge. Seth facefucks her while fondling her breasts. After a while, Seth leaves again, instructing Victoria to finish cooking him dinner.

Later, Victoria is wiping down the surfaces when Seth reappears and starts fucking her doggystyle against the counter. She then gets on her knees to blow him, followed by Seth facefucking her on the counter again- this time as she lies on her front. Now it’s Seth’s turn to climb on the counter. He lies on his back as Victoria blows and rims him.

They got off the counter and Seth fucks Victoria from behind in a standing spooning position, lifting one of her legs up against his body. He then fucks her in standing missionary with her leg propped up against his shoulder. They get so into it that Seth lifts her up and fucks in the air. He then lowers her back on the counter and continues to fuck her in missionary until he creampies her.

Whether this agreement has helped their marriage or not, it’s clear that a little sprinkle of ‘free use’ can definitely spice things up!

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