Marina Nelson In Renewed Passion Playboy Plus (22)

Marina Nelson in Renewed Passion – Playboy Plus

23 March 2021

Feel the passion on set with International model Marina Nelson. Returning for her second pictorial, Marina spends the day lounging and posing for Henrik Pfeifer’s camera. On the location of a small apartment in Cologne, Germany, Marina tells us about herself. “My passion? Travel,” she says. “I t’s beautiful, and I like to see new countries and [meet] new people.” When she’s not modeling or traveling for work, Marina loves to spend her free time learning. “In my spare time [I’m] learning something,” she says. “I like psychology, [so] normally, psychology courses.” As for being on set with Playboy, Marina enjoyed herself. “How do I feel about posing nude? Comfortable. It’s pleasant for me,” she smiles. “[This] was my dream.” Make sure to check out Marina’s first pictorial, too, right here on Playboy Plus.

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