Lustery Kitti And Uri No Accounting For Taste

Lustery – Kitti And Uri – No Accounting For Taste

Beautiful Berliners Kitti and Uri both come from a culinary background—Uri runs his own restaurant–which makes them the perfect choice to explore for the next entry in our Sense & Sensuality series: taste! As any good chef knows, preparation is everything in cooking, so the pair begin their prep by slicing and dicing a variety of fruits including ripe grapefruits and a plump pineapple. This proves to be quite messy, however, leaving Kitti simply no choice but to slowly strip off her clothes to keep them clean. Before long, she’s sitting on the counter letting Uri feast on her own tasty morsel. The delectable fuck fest—full of flowing juices and mouth-watering passion—is a scrumptious snack to start your weekend right!

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