Graphic Depictions Episode 02

Directed by: Stoya
Cast: Lily Labeau, Jiz Lee, Christian Frei, Toni Ribas

Jiz Lee is everything delightful about sex poured into the body of an often-naked genderqueer hero. Lily LaBeau is one of the most gorgeous creatures to ever share her vulva with the world. They’ve gazed at each other across the places they perform in for years. Now, here, they are finally coming together. And we get to watch.
Is porn reflecting life or is life reflecting porn?
“Sometimes a thing needs to be said in a thousand word essay. Sometimes it needs to be said in a really expensive porno. This specific thing is in the latter category because it is a love letter to everything I adore about the adult entertainment industry. Graphic Depictions is, at its most superficial level, some hopefully decent porno. It doesn’t need context unless you want context. You could even fast forward through all the parts that don’t involve close-ups of an appendage in a hole and it should still fulfill and celebrate the most basic function of adult video: graphic depictions of sexual acts.”

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