LustCinema – A guide to Squirting

Lustcinema A Guide To Squirting

Squirting is something that audiences cannot seem to get enough of, which is why Sex School made another episode on squirting. In case you missed Squirting 101, we recommend you have a watch before this episode. Returning to talk squirting is Kali Sudhra, she is accompanied by Maria Riot and Sadie Lune as they discuss the shame in not squirting, their own experiences and the misinformation that is out there. Learn insider tips and tricks about squirting and see them in action when Sadie, Kali and Maria hit the gym to take turns making each other squirt. With active instructions from the receiver on how exactly to make them squirt. This episode is meant to be playful and change the perception of squirting and take the pressure off many of us with trying to understand how and if you can squirt. So prepare yourself with plenty of towels and toys before you enjoy this squirt-tacular episode of Sex School.

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    I always come with Maria Riot, thanks for uploading

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