Karoline Cc In Perfect View Playboy Plus (13)

For her third pictorial, Parisian beauty, Karoline CC heads up to her rooftop, and the views are breathtaking. On location in Naples, Italy, with the photographer Cassandra Keyes capturing her, Karoline is absolutely comfortable in front of the camera. “It’s a pleasure for me to be a part of Playboy,” smiles Karoline, wearing a red, white, and blue bikini. Looking out at the horizon, Karoline undresses beautifully. “I love posing nude,” she says. “It’s like freedom for me.” When it comes to feeling empowered, Karoline tells us her thoughts. “[For me] it’s just feeling good in your own body,” she says. “Nothing is sexier than a woman feeling cute in her own body!” When dating, she looks for someone friendly. “What qualities do I look for? [Someone] generous and nice,” she says. Learn more about Karoline CC, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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