Julia Juliano And The Normal Man Zishy (24)

Julia Juliano And The Normal Man – Zishy

9 June 2021

You probably need a little backstory to these. They are almost 10 years old. I shot Julia Juliano when I was vaguely conceptualizing what would become Zishy. I enjoyed taking portraits of people and seeing them play up to the camera. And I also enjoyed photographing attractive women. So I started blending the two. Julia answered an ad for an edgy underwear photoshoot and she invited me over to her house in the Valley. We started shooting and her energy began compelling Julia to do more and more provocative things. She was throwing out her own ideas, ripping off clothing. I was intrigued by how enticing a woman could be as long as the results contained an element of tease and creativity. She was also honest about the human addiction to sex. These days, it gets harder to find people like Julia. A lot of other shit has changed since 2011, but mostly I just use dark theme now on my phone. Keep wild alive.