Jessa Rhodes In Tell Me More Playboy Plus (22)

Jessa Rhodes closes out the month as our March 2022 All Star in this third feature from the photographer, Agent X. On location in Los Angeles, California, Jessa shares more about how she’s become the woman she is today. “I’m most proud of the obstacles I’ve overcome within myself,” says Je ssa. “Anyone who comes from trauma knows how difficult it is to come back from, and learn to love yourself. I’m better than yesterday, and I’ll be better tomorrow than [I am] today.” For Jessa, life is about growing. “Some words I live by? Your mind is a garden— water and weed it,” she advises. Jessa also tells us she feels most empowered when staying true to herself and her core values. “Female empowerment means representing your sex with class,” she says. “I feel the most empowered when I can stay calm in the face of something that should ruffle my feathers. To me, the most dangerous women are calm and collected.” When dating, Jessa looks for someone considerate. “Someone who is kind, holds the door for strangers, and says thank you,” she says. “Someone who can laugh at life and still talk about the deep shit.” For her, honesty is key. “I don’t have time to second guess people so I treat others the way I want to be treated by being transparent.” Check out all of Jessa’s features right here on Playboy Plus.

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