Japan Hdv Rina Kooda

Japan HDV – Rina Kooda visits the doctor to see why her husband doesn’t fuck her Anymore

As sometimes happens in Japan, after a couple have been married for a while the husband is so busy with his career and trying to advance that he spends less and less time with his wife. Here we have such a scenario playing out. Ms Rina Kooda is still young at the age of twenty-seven years old. Her husband is thirty-two years old. She explains that her husband only makes love to her three times in a month. She had thought that maybe there was something wrong with him but now she is at the Doctors office to see if it was something to do with her…

She explains that she has tried to initiate sex with him by going down on him and slipping his cock into her mouth. She explains that he does get erect so she is thinking maybe she should see a doctor to determine if she is the one with the issue. This doctor she sees today is very kind and asks her many questions to get a better understanding of the situation. She tells him all she knows and she feels comfortable and sure that he will do all he can to test her to see what could be the problem. The doctor starts to examine her and it is obvious to him that she has a nice figure and that is not the issue. The doctor begins to touch her body and feel her breasts She takes off her clothes at the doctors request and he continues to grab and feel all of her body. He is really doing his best to see what the problem could be. He spreads her ass open to examine her pussy from behind as he begins to check all of her holes for the issue. This is an exceptional doctor. You should see the tests he gives her next!

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