Japan Hdv Rena Fuji

Japan HDV – Rena Fuji – We give Rena Fuji a ride home late at night and interview her about her sex life

Rena Fuji is a sweet young lady that lives and works in a suburb of Tokyo. She is at the train station late tonight but seems to have missed her train. What she does is sit down and just think what she can do to get home. It is expensive to take a taxi all the way home from the city center and there are no busses running at this late hour. The only thing she can do is think, how to get home. But tonight seems to be her lucky night as she happens to meet someone that can answer her prayers for transportation. We meet her and ask her if she would like us to take her home.

She seems hesitant but we explain that the only thing we are asking of her is that we interview her on camera about her lifestyle. We are interviewing young people to get a feel for what their life is like, and what habits they have as a younger generation. We are all in our twenties and thirties so are not sure what these eighteen and nineteen year olds do every day and how they work and live. Rena agrees to the terms and we take her home. She is a lovely girl and she seems to have a really nice body. We are hoping the interview goes well and she feels relaxed and comfortable with us and our cameras. At her home we get to know her place and we ask her to change into something comfortable and we could continue the interview. She hops in bed and the chat drifts to her past relationships and also her current situation being single. She admits to us that she will masturbate her pussy when she is lonely. We all get big grins on our faces and we then ask, “Could you please show us how you do that?” Go see what happens next!!

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