Japan Hdv Koko Hirosejapan Hdv Koko Hirose

Japan HDV – Koko Hirose and her lover come in for an interview and quick fuck

A fun interview and chat with Coco Hirose today and her lover. She is here to chat and we get to know her and talk to her about her love. She is a bit shy so leaves her covid mask on most of the time but at the end we get a nice surprise. She has brought her lover with her to the interview today so we thought we would have some fun with them together. We are surprised to learn that she and her current lover met on a dating app.

They seem to get along well together and we chat for some time about their likes and how they met. It seems that our cheating girl Coco Hirose was having a fight with her lover when she got on her app and found this new lover. So, it was lucky for her that her former lover was being mean that day and they argued so that she could meet this new guy and come and visit us. Coco has a terrific body and we start to see some of it while we are chatting away. Her lover is keen to let us know how great the sex is between them and that he really loves her big tits. He claims it is hard to find a girl with such great tits on a dating app. We play around some with Coco trying to make her show us that cleavage of hers and her lover comes in and just gets her to pull her top down and lets us see those amazing tits of hers. We can tell he is horny as his hands are all over her sweet tits. This is getting good and he is starting to turn her on as he rubs his hands all over her lovely boobs.

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