Japan Hdv Mio Arisaka

Japan HDV – Japanese newcomer Miss Mio Arisaka masturbates in our van

Mio Arisaka is our newest model to visit us. We wanted to try something new so we had a chat with her before taking her to the studio. We asked her some general questions about her likes and dislikes. We wanted to know her on a personal level and get to know her some as a person. She tells us that she really dislikes pushy people. Her old boyfriend was like that and she hated it. He was a co-worker and would always ask her out and she finally gave in and went out with him. We decide that he sounds like someone we can use to teach Ms Mio a lesson so we call him up and ask him to come over and meet.

We think this might be a good training lesson in teaching Mio how to work with people she might not like so much. She is not really keen on seeing him again but she agrees to our plan and will do it as it seems like she could learn how to work with men she does not really like so much. Before he gets here we decide to get Mio ready for some fun. We ask her to show us some of her sexy legs and ask her to spread her legs for us so we can see her panties. We give her a vibrator and ask her to do a little massage on her nipples and then to rub her clit with it. We want her horny and wet and ready to fuck for what we are about to do. This is part one, watch it in full then get ready for part two!

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