Ignite — Xconfessions

XConfessions by Erika Lust, IGNITE

12 April 2021

Director: Brittany Franklin

Performers: Daisy Ducati, Anya Ivy

Based on A Dollar in His Shoe a confession by Brittany Franklin
Hidden fantasies become reality
An introverted bibliophile who finds solace in treasured books has her senses awakened in the aisles of her favourite library when a mysterious woman catches her attention. An erotic rush and a sexual re-awakening: it’s time for her to venture beyond the pages of a book.
Erika’s comment
Sometimes you catch sight of a stranger in the street and as you hold their eye contact you can physically feel a sexual tension running through your body. It’s an undeniable sexual desire between two people who can’t act on their urges. Maybe you let your imagination run wild and spend the whole day fantasising about what would happen if you were to ever encounter this person and act upon these feelings, but it is out of your control. Brittany Franklin captures this feeling so perfectly with this new explicit short film and shows that sometimes hidden fantasies between strangers can become a reality…

XConfessions by Erika Lust, IGNITE

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