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There’s no other woman who fits the girl-next-door image more, and more importantly, looks like the high school librarian who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose than today’s hot MILF Alex. This girl is gorgeous and has a compact body that’s just built for sex and screams, ‘Use me and ALL of my holes however your perverted minds want boys, and please do it while treating me like your little submissive whore,’ and that’s exactly what Tyler did today. Just look at the fucking tags below to preface the debauchery that laid waste to this sex kitten’s orifices, and specifically her asshole, because this girl took an anal pounding like a champ, which included a few first today…

So Steve exactly what were the firsts that our hot Milf tried today? Well it was her first ever sex on camera, duhhhh. We only shoot women’s first sex on camera here and it was packed full of multiple orgasms & analgasms. Love that. It was also the first time she ever licked and went digging for nuggets up a guy’s asshole and we put this girl threw the paces as Tyler thoroughly cleaned her tailpipe. Two thumbs up for trying Ass to Mouth girl. Throat fucking as her gorgeous brown eyes gazed up while tears ran down her nervous but excited cheeks? You betcha we used her like a little fuck doll today and she begged Tyler to fuck her like a whore, and being the sweetheart he is, he obliged her. Butt Plugs? Yes they were used a plenty. Face fucking? Right after it came out of her ass to her mouth of course and like I said this girl is fun. You know the type, the type we all wished we’d bump into at the bar and take home to satisfy all your sexual demands without being too fucking slutty about it. Double Penetration with toys? Of course we fucked her in both her holes simultaneously and Tyler just pounded this little firecracker’s asshole to bleeding submission for one of the hottest, and according to her, most satisfying fuck sessions of her life. So I’m just going to leave it at that because nothing more I could write would give this hot MILF justice. Everything about this video was hot so enjoy it. Steve

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