Harley Dean In Biker Chic Playboy Plus (34)

“Some words I live by? Listen to your gut,” says our March All Star, Harley Dean, as she closes out the month with this biker-themed pictorial. In Los Angeles, in a garage full of vintage motorcycles, Harley is dressed in black leather as the photographer, Agent X, captures this edgier side of h er. “I’m such a strong woman today from all the tough [things] I’ve been through in life,” says Harley. “I [can] feel the energy in people, and it helps in making decisions. I love having the ability to use my past to make myself and other women stronger each day.” An adventurous woman, Harley told us about the wildest thing she’s ever done. “I’ve been skydiving, and I love the rush,” she shares, “it reminds me of good sex!” When she’s not working on her brand or in front of the camera, Harley loves to kick back with a book or interesting article. “I really enjoy reading and catching up on current events,” she shares. “I also have a couple of important side projects I’ve been putting my time into.” Make sure to comment below, and check out all of Harley’s pictorials as our March 2021 All Star, right here on Playboy Plus.

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