Ghetto Gaggers Shorn Shawty

Ghetto Gaggers – Shorn Shawty

Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults

Sustainable and transformative humiliation and degradation. That’s the way we make sure that our ESG score remains high and that uncle Klaus is placated—for now. We taught her how to swallow the yellow discipline and take dick down her head. She had such sullen eyes when she made eye contact while that dick was buried in her throat. Her eyes began to water, and her cheeks became wet. It was a beautiful sight on such a beautiful face. She has such perfect features, and that makes it more fun to degrade…

Bootleg polished her head by scooping out the yakk from the bowl and giving it a good polish. We all had a critical consciousness that she needed to be dominated and destroyed, but in an equitable and inclusive manner. We plunged our systemic power into her marginalized dick holster with the bellicosity of performative activism. It was a heteronormative free for all as she just let Bootleg take her holes like a smash and grab. This may seem like greenwashing, but we poured the whore bowl on her head to lower our carbon footprint. It’s a low waste way of living. She took 3 loads to her head and it dripped down oh so slowly. She scooped it into her mouth and swallowed 3 different white boy’s cum.

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