Ashley Nash, Emilee Ann Miller, Kyrah, Shasta Wonder, Sophie (12)

Fruits of Summer – Playboy Plus

13 July 2021

Models: Ashley Nash, Emilee Ann Miller, Kyrah, Shasta Wonder, Sophie

Make your summer even sweeter with this Editor’s Choice gallery and video featuring Emilee, Ashley, Shasta, Sophie, and Kyrah. Ready for her favorite seasonal activity, Ashley sets up for a picnic. “My experience has been amazing,” she says of being on set. “During our shoot, we had an entir ely female crew, which was the coolest experience ever, and initially so surprising. But that’s the great thing about Playboy — it celebrates women and their sexuality. It doesn’t degrade them.” For Ashley, shoots like this are all about feeling creative and empowered. “I am naturally drawn to anything art-centered,” she says. “[My work] really hits home. It’s ever-changing, terrifying, and exciting to play new people. I love it.” Next, get to know Kyrah — an artist who is always looking to be inspired. “I enjoy painting, reading poetry, and designing clothes,” she tells us. “Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. It’s what sets you apart and makes you unique — that’s why I love it so much.” Savor this moment and check out more Editor’s Choice features right here on Playboy Plus!

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