First Day Of Autumn Alexandra Belle In Falling For You Playboy Plus (23)

First Day of Autumn – Alexandra Belle in Falling for You – Playboy Plus

November 9, 2018Model: Alexandra Belle – Photos: Cassandra Keyes

Gorgeous, sweet and smart, Alexandra Belle is thrilled to be your November Playboy Muse of the Month. “Hi,” she says happily to all of her fans. “Being a Playboy model embodies a lot of qualities,” she begins. “And one of the main qualities is that you are an empowering woman and you should own the skin you’re in.” Doing just that for her first featured set this month, she’s having the perfect fall day outside as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures all of her alluring beauty. Wearing a lace bodysuit, jeans, and boots, Alexandra begins to peel off pieces of her outfit to reveal a strikingly beautiful figure. If you haven’t already, there’s no doubt you’ll fall for Alexandra as the sun highlights her assets just perfectly. Extremely body positive and confident, Alexandra is not shy when it comes to showing off her all natural figure. “To be quite honest, I feel much more comfortable being nude than in clothes,” she says frankly. “I don’t feel ashamed because it’s my body, and I look better nude than in clothes,” she laughs. Are you loving this first captivating set from your Playboy Muse of the Month? Let her know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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