Xconfessions By Erika Lust, Fuck, Kill, Marry

XConfessions by Erika Lust, F*ck, Kill, Marry

Director: Montiel

Performers: Sadie Lune, Poppy Cox, Yumie Volupté, Bishop Black, Dante Dionys

Have you ever played fuck, marry, kill?
To fuck your friends.
What would be the consequences? Where do we draw the line between a friend and a lover?
What does sex mean to you? What does it mean to me? If I love my pals, why can’t I eventually fuck them,
and still be friends forever?

Erika’s comment
An evening-with-friends-turned-orgy brought to you by Montiel! I find the confession behind this film fascinating…why is having sex with friends considered such a big deal? Does sex make everything more complicated or is it really just societal norms and restrictions we’ve internalised to a point that we stopped questioning why we follow them?
Well, there are no restrictions and prejudices on XConfessions, so if you fantasise about sleeping with your friends – click the play button and make it happen 😉

Xconfessions By Erika Lust, Fuck, Kill, Marry

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