Evolved Fights Carmen Valentina

Evolved Fights – Carmen Valentina Vs Fluffy

Carmen Valentina is on FIRE lately. She has been destroying men left and right. She’s not even a big amazon woman yet she is able to take on bigger men and put them in their place. Today she gets someone her own size and we really get to see her shine. Fluffy has not won a match yet but he knows that all his hard work and his tough balls will be able to wear Carmen out and get his victory. At least that’s what he wants to think. Carmen is a bonafide badass.

She trains MMA and she stomps on dorks like Fluffy for a warmup. Fluffy did wrestle in school so he does get some good takedowns which gives Carmen trouble but will it be enough for him to be able to fuck her in the ass for his prize. Someone gets fucked in the ass today. They get trampled and lift and carried like a little bitch off the mats and into the locker room for more brutal pain and humiliation.

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