Ersties Squirting Special

Ersties – Squirting Special

Make Me Wet! – Squirting Special

One of the most exciting things about sex is seeing your partner’s lust. Especially when they show their lust by squirting! It’s definitely one of the most intense and arousing signs of pleasure, and not just because it looks so incredibly hot. Squirting also feels incredible. Julie, Gabi, Zora and Rylee wholeheartedly agree. They also agree that there are different techniques for making someone squirt.

If you can squirt yourself, then you’ve come to the right place for one of the most exciting specials that can be seen at Ersties. And if you can’t yet, but have always been interested in it – and you should, because squirting is great! – then you can find out from the four beautiful women how it works best for them, so watch closely!
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