Ersties – NTIDLW Season 1 – Five-Star Service

Ersties – Ntidlw Season 1 – Five Star Service

The outrageous content doesn’t stop here! This time, Jin shows us what she did last week and spoiler alert – it’s pretty shocking. Remember to breathe as you watch this exciting phone call between Jin and an unsuspecting sex toy customer service agent. Jin’s urges get the better of her as she gives in to the agent’s hot voice and treats herself to the ultimate satisfaction. A five-star professional service from customer service!

A Satisfied Customer

It’s episode two of Naughty Things I Did Last Week and Jin’s turn to share her outrageous video with us and the other models. The competition is fierce, and all four girls are still in with a chance of winning the almighty fuck machine.

Jin comes in strong with her naughty phone call to an unwitting customer service agent as she asks for assistance with her malfunctioning sex toy. The agent’s sultry voice turns Jin on, and she can’t resist a little clitoral action as she tries to contain herself over the phone. If that’s the kind of treat you get as a customer service agent, we’re changing jobs!
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