Ersties – Mona's Dp Fantasy

Ersties – Mona’s DP fantasy

Popping Corks, Then Popping Each Other!

Which of these girls recently had a first date on a Ferris wheel? Who likes younger toyboys? And which Ersties icon reveals that she’s bisexual? This boozy girls’ night out is full of secrets you’ve been waiting to hear. And it doesn’t just stop with intimate conversations…

Luna brings out her surprise: An overflowing box of colourful dildos and strap-ons! The myriad of toys inspire Olivia S., Mona B., Jenny & Luna T., who start what we can only call a wild penetration orgy…
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  1. Can you please upload:
    Ersties Jenny – Playdate Recording – 14 February 2021
    Ersties Jenny 24 years – Masturbation
    Ersties Olivia and Jenny 21-24 years – Lesbian
    Ersties Helena & Line – A Very Cute and Tasty Bum

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