Erika De Leija in Funky and Free - Playboy Plus 39

Erika De Leija in Funky and Free – Playboy Plus

16 October 2020

The beautiful Erika De Leija dances her way to becoming a Playboy Muse in this second sexy and funky pictorial. Feeling free, Erika begins by putting on one of her favorite records as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures her just perfectly. Dressed in chic maroon lingerie, a paisley robe, a hat, and fringe boots, Erika is ready for the best time. “I have an eye for fashion and design,” she says, pointing out pieces of her outfit. “Anything from decorating a wedding to a trendy look!” Enjoying the music, Erika begins to undress as she smiles from ear to ear, just taking in her surroundings. “My Playboy experience has been amazing,” she says. “It’s empowering! I met lovely people and learned so much,” she recalls. When she’s not in front of cameras, you can usually find Erika enjoying the world around her. “In my spare time I enjoy hiking, traveling, exploring different parts of the world and tasting new cultural foods,” she says thoughtfully. Are you loving getting to know the gorgeous Playboy Muse, Erika? Let her know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!