Emily Willis is In the Game – Playboy Plus

27 February 2021

Emily Willis gets cozy to watch the game in this second monthly feature as our very first All Star. “I’d describe myself as a very open, down-to-earth, bubbly, and energetic girl,” says Emily. “Most people probably wouldn’t guess that I’m a low-key tomboy. I love being outdoors. I love h anging with the boys.” On the set of an apartment in Los Angeles, Emily poses for the photographer, Agent X. “I’ve wanted to be a Playboy model for as long as I can remember,” Emily tells us, and it’s no surprise she is here. “I’m a go-getter. [There’s] this quote that stuck with me, and I feel is very fitting: ‘she is an unstoppable force.’ I like to live my life just going for things. I try not to let things get in the way of my goals and happiness.” For Emily, her career, working on herself, and doing what makes her happy are the most important. “I’m very passionate about life and learning myself,” she tells us. “I want to travel, explore, and learn as much as possible.” Check out Emily’s first All Star pictorial, too, right here on Playboy Plus!

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