Chloe Rose In Keep It Moving Playboy Plus (22)

Chloe Rose in Keep It Moving – Playboy Plus

22 April 2021

You’re in for a good time in this lively and all-new gallery and pictorial of Chloe Rose from the photographer Henrik Pfeifer. As the music roars on set, Chloe has a blast changing outfits and dancing for the camera. “I‘m a playful and loving person,” she says of herself. “I like to make the people around me happy.” A hardworking model, Chloe is often traveling from city to city for her next shoot but enjoys every minute of it. “I love my job,” she gushes. “I try to give my best in all I do.” As for posing for Playboy, we’ve been collaborating with Chloe for a few years now. “It is an honor,” she says. “The photos are erotic and tastefully taken. I feel comfortable posing nude — it’s something that comes to me very naturally.” Make sure to check out any of Chloe Rose’s pictorials right here on Playboy Plus.

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