Catjira In Enchanting Energy Playboy Plus (9)

Catjira returns to Playboy Plus, carrying on the theme from her first pictorial! On the set of an old house, Catjira is dressed in velvet, atop a velvet bedspread, while posing for the photographer, Maddie Cordoba’s camera. “What do I feel the sexiest in? Anything black,” says Catjira. “My love for [haunted] things and appearances makes me feel the most confident and sexy!” A creative spirit, Catjira loves her job of being in front of the camera. “My biggest passions are finding happiness and mental stability. I have found a huge piece of that in creativity,” she shares. “I’ve been able to center my job—which just happens to be my world—around being creative.” For Catjira, being able to bring to life exactly what she envisions is what fuels her. “It’s not only fun for me to design costumes, but it allows me to have the confidence to be myself in front of the camera.” For her, posing nude is freeing. “I feel empowered every day doing my job as a nude online entertainer,” she says. “Some words I live by? ‘My body, my choice.'” Make sure to also check out Catjira’s debut pictorial, right here on Playboy Plus!

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