Bruce & Nicole Vlog Making Memories To Lust A Lifetime

Lustery: Bruce & Nicole – VLOG: Making Memories to Lust a Lifetime

1 December 2020

How much action can you pack into one Lustery VLOG? In how many different locations can you strip down and get off? And how many breath-taking orgasms can you fit into one submission? Back with their second Lustery offering, Bruce and Nicole are more than up for the challenge. As the athletic pair pack the car and head off for a trip into the Alps, we’re invited along to get to know them better, experience their heart rate-raising ‘second favorite’ activity, paragliding, and – of course – their even more adrenaline-spiking first: fucking anywhere and everywhere they can. Expect sex in a cable car, a picnic that swiftly turns to a naked romp (and almost getting caught!), masturbation in a kayak and more! There’s a ton of beautiful scenery too but who can pay attention to that when these two are paying such rapt attention to each other? Their final homecoming fuck really emphasizes the ‘coming’ with foot play, light bondage, face riding and some sensual anal to end it all off. Memories to last a lifetime? Definitely!

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