Brooke Lorraine In Tranquil Morning Playboy Plus (24)

Brooke Lorraine in Tranquil Morning – Playboy Plus

21 May 2020

Welcome the quiet morning as you welcome Newcomer, Brooke Lorraine, to Playboy Plus. On location in Los Angeles outside of a small home, Brooke poses on set with the photographer, Torrey West, as she tells us about herself. “I grew up most of my life in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s a small city right between Milwaukee and Chicago right off Lake Michigan. I love how time isn’t really a worry there,” she says. “I think I’m a funny and easy-going person. I love to make people laugh, and I love helping others.” A model and filmmaker, Brooke is usually on a set, but when she’s not, she loves to spend time outdoors and with her dogs. “In my spare time, I enjoy laying on the beach, hiking, eating at new restaurants, gardening, and hanging out with my friends [and] dogs,” she says. As for posing nude, it makes Brooke feel wonderful. “It’s the most empowering feeling,” she says. “Kind of like being on top of the world! I feel sexy, and I love it!” Want to see more from Newcomer, Brooke? Stay tuned, right here on!

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