Brick Yates Alyssia Vera

Brick Yates – Alyssia Vera – A day at the barber shop

This is Alyssia’s first video with us. A good friend of mine offered to let us use his barbershop. Wynn’s barbershop is a 1950’s themed shop which is perfect for Alyssia’s 1950’s look. Alyssia and Jason didn’t meet until we got to the barbershop that morning but hit it off immediately. In-fact, this shoot wasn’t supposed to have anal in it, but they both wanted to do it so who would I be to say no πŸ™‚

Alyssia is a vixen in the 50’s. Toying with these old-school’ guys conservative emotions she reaps havoc on horney men anytime she leaves the house and knows it! And this is her M.O. When she’s feeling frisky, she heads out to town and simply walks the streets and enjoys her time until she finds the hunk she wants to court. One day a greaser, the next a butler. Who knows who Alyssia wants fuck today!

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