Angel Constance In Charming Discovery Playboy Plus (27)

Angel Constance in Charming Discovery – Playboy Plus

14 May 2021

Please welcome the stunning, sweet, and totally down-to-earth 2019 Playboy Muse of the Year, Angel Constance! From her first shoot ever, there was just something special about the lovely, Angel. Now, she’s thrilled to spend the year with all of her Playboy fans as our first ever PMOY! “When Cassandra told me I made Muse of the Year I was like, ‘yeah, okay,’” laughs Angel. “I was super shocked! It was insanely exciting and I’m just so honored!” Starting the year off with a bang, Angel is totally irresistible on set in Mexico with Cassandra Keyes capturing her. “We did this really fun shoot by this abandoned house and I had my little explorer outfit on,” she explains. “At one point there were a whole bunch of wild horses that went by! It was the coolest thing ever.” Dressed in jean shorts and a crochet top, Angel is having a blast snapping photos while exploring her beautiful surroundings. Undressing slowly but surely, she reminds us all of her lovely all natural figure. “Growing up I was a weird little tomboy,” she laughs. “I actually wanted to go into the trades and now I’m a model!” Thrilled to be here as your Playboy Muse fo the Year, Angel is absolutely gorgeous as she puts her talents to work, right here, only on Playboy Plus!