Amelia In Mixology Playboy Plus (15)

Amelia in Mixology – Playboy Plus

18 November 2021

Have a drink in this brand new pictorial from Amelia as she returns for her second gallery and video from Point of Vue’s photography team. In Brooklyn, New York, Amelia sips on a cocktail as she spills more about herself. “My passion? Definitely music,” shares Amelia. “I played trumpet for 8 + years in school and was in a jazz band as well.” When we asked Amelia to tell us something surprising, she mentioned she loves to spend time outside when she’s not working or out and about in New York City. “People are always surprised when they learn how outdoorsy I am,” she laughs. “I love being in the wilderness and hiking! I find it’s when I’m happiest, [but] you would never guess that’s the case if you saw me out at a club in Manhattan with my hair, makeup, and nails done,” she adds with a laugh. When it comes to dating, Amelia’s love language is acts of service. “I’m drawn to the type of person who puts in work and hustles to keep me around,” she says. “Someone who goes out of their way for me before I even have to ask.” Make sure to check out Amelia’s debut pictorial, too, right here on Playboy Plus!

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